Zocdoc Brand Refresh

Brand refresh for a free online service to help patients find doctors and book appointments.

In 2021, Zocdoc's brand studio team embarked on a significant project to refresh and update the patient brand's identity, previously established by Wolf Olins in 2016. This comprehensive refresh initiative lasted for six months and involved extensive research on other healthcare brands and competitors. The objective was to differentiate Zocdoc from the conventional conservatism found in traditional healthcare brands and the trendy millennial vibe often associated with new health tech companies. As a result, we successfully developed a visually compelling language that authentically reflects Zocdoc's unique identity.

Previous logo

New logo

In 2022, our team was tasked with refreshing the provider brand. Building upon the foundations of the successful patient brand refresh, our focus was to highlight the vital aspects for providers, namely quality patients and reputation. Through exploration and reviews, we developed a direction that exudes warmth, approachability, intelligence, and trustworthiness. The refreshed provider brand features optimistic colors, natural photography, and a modern use of space. Light and personal illustration styles with hand-drawn patterns add a human touch. Diagrammatic drawings and infographics were incorporated to enhance the sense of expertise, elevating the overall provider brand.

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